GLASS PRODUCTS - A Simple Guide To Know About The Whole

GLASS PRODUCTS - A Simple Guide To Know About The Whole

India has enormous things that may surprise an individual, but if you want to encounter one among several, then glass painting will blow your mind, and you will be in awe of the artisans for displaying the best shade of India.   

Today, what you see in the NAMRATAKEDIA collection may pique your interest as to where this glass painting originated and which location would be ideal for purchasing. There is nothing to be worried about; we are sharing here today information that may fill up the depth of your queries.                                                                                                                                                                                                


The glass seems like a transparent object, and naturally, it is formed when the sand or rocks containing silica are heated at a high temperature and then promptly cooled down. The glass was discovered 4000 years ago, and the people who experienced the glass for the first time were Romans and Phoenician sailors. There's a story behind that. Once upon a time, Phoenician sailors were on their way to the beach with their cargo. One of them might think to take a rest for a while and then begin the journey. They started to prepare some food and put the vessel on the block of alkali, and sand was all over there on the beach. It was a bit hard, but after bringing some heat, they found that the sand started to melt and flow like water, then suddenly cooled down. This may surprise everyone on the beach, and it is from there that they discovered glass. 

  • Initially, the glass products were in the form of beads, and then accidentally people started to produce vessels like bowls, glass, and vessel-type material from glass. 
  • The glass at that time was not completely transparent and was filled with impurities. 
  • The people referred to this material glass during the late Roman empire and the first glassmaking center was also established by Romans in the Trier. 
  • Art on glass was introduced in 1300 BC. 
  • In the stone age period, people were using glass objects for ornaments, weapons, and for decorative purposes
  • George Ravenscroft invented lead glass in 1674. 

Glass painting in India 

Glass painting dates back to the 17th century and is a centuries-old art form that is still practiced today. There was a famous artist who was skilled in glass painting, and his name was Marc Chagall. The beginning of glass painting started in the early 18th and 19th centuries in India. Due to the trade relations between the East India Company and China, this art form was introduced and followed up in India. During the rule of Panembahan Ratu II, glass painting became popular among the locals. Glass painting is also known as "reverse painting," which means painting on the inside of the glass. The things that are required for glass painting are oil, watercolor, and gum, through which skilled artists prefer to draw on the glass. Since then, this art form has spread to almost every city in India. 

From where can I purchase glass printing products of decent quality?

The art and style of design on the glass can impress anyone, and if you are fond of beautiful art forms and an art lover, then the Namratakedia store is the one-stop destination for such kinds of artistic beauty. 

Namratakedia is the best hub from which someone can purchase multiple items that pull the customer toward themselves. They have the following items that are in high demand and of high quality: 

  • Glass birds 
  • Gold plated glasses 
  • Blue glass wall art 
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  • Colored glass wall art
  • Yellow glass wall art 
  • Unique glass wall art 

  • They have a large collection of glass art that is truly inspired by the customs, rituals, traditions, and royalty of Rajasthan. 

    Here are listing the following benefits of glass printing products 

  • Consistent quality 
  • Versatility 
  • Physical strength 
  • Thermal fatigue resistance 
  • Boost the overall appearance 
  • Easily accessible 
  • Customizable print 
  • Wrapping Up - 

    Whether it's for decoration or as a gift, everyone looks for something unique that will surprise the recipients. Indians are fortunate to have such a rich history in a land that has produced incredible gems. From gold to different kinds of art forms, India has created a benchmark that is an inspiration for others. Namratakedia's design is a true reflection of the beauty of the Indian ancient art form that they are reintroducing to today's youth. One thing is for sure: After reading, check at least once the aesthetic collection of glass products in the online store of Namratakedia.