About Us

The goal of the company is to take forward the craft and specialised European Glass techniques to combine with the traditional craft techniques of India with the crafts persons who earnestly place their passion and knowledge in their work.

We transform plain clear glass into boldly coloured glass by combining it with high-quality imported glass in a delicate annealing process, resulting in work that-emanates iridescent natural energy. These are worked in a furnace working above 800 Degrees. We combine artistic flair, refined technique and practicality to produce products of true individuality.

The crafts of India are varied and enchanting, thus we believe that with our handcrafted glass combined the traditional Indian crafts bringing a very unique offering and for that, we aim to provide new designs with additional materials and techniques in our collections each year. At Namrata Kedia Design, we offer many services such as customised offerings like tabletop accessories, wall solutions, furniture, decorative products, gifting and jewellery.

We have worked on many architectural projects for residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, Kolkota, Jaipur, Gujarat, Reading (U.K.) and many cities all across India. My work has garnered the appreciation from Hrithik Roshan (Actor), Mrs Parekh (Owner of Fevicol), Mana Shetty (W/O Actor Sunil Shetty) and many others.

We supply to many esteemed stores across India such as:

  • Anantaya & AKFD ( Ayush Kasliwal, Jaipur)
  • People Tree (Goa)
  • Anuragam (Haryana)
  • Baaya (Mumbai)
  • Labels of Love (Mumbai)
  • Jaipur Modern (Jaipur)